About US

About Us

Feedo Needo is a body of UKCAB charity organisation, charity registration number: 1153197.

Our charity is a community development non- profit organisation which offers food and provisions to the most vulnerable members of our community. We aim to offer multi-faceted contributions to communities, support community development and work to fulfil the overall needs for its targeted focus areas.

Our mission is based on our faith and community spirit which inspires us to be an organisation built on compassion, and motivated by love. In our Arabica café, we are sure to reflect this philosophy by providing hot food and drinks weekly to our patrons in our warm and friendly environment, so that they may benefit from a dignified experience with our Feedo Needo staff.

Food charity feeds hundreds of Birmingham’s vulnerable people during coronavirus pandemic:

Birmingham café feeds hundreds of vulnerable people during pandemic:

Birmingham café feeds homeless and vulnerable:

The Independent’s Happy List 2020: Heroes in a crisis: