100% Donation Policy

Everyone has the right to life with dignity. Still, due to various reasons, most of the people in the world live below the poverty line, which leaves them and their families vulnerable to many ailments and diseases such as low income, limited food supply, infectious diseases, etc., which are the primary cause of death in developing countries.

What Is a Donation?

Donations are a kind of gift where someone gives their time, money, or goods for free with no expectation of anything in return. Donations can be made for different reasons: some do it to bring joy or happiness into another person's life, while others want to help someone struggling because they know what it feels like. And there are many more reasons why people make donations each day! The world will be better off because you did! Make a difference today by giving some love and by donating.

Importance Of Donation in Our Society

Many people from all levels of society donate money or other items because they want to make a difference in their communities. However, some individuals don't donate as much as they could or should but still enjoy certain benefits for their charity work, like 100 percent tax deductions. A common misconception about charitable giving is that organizations must pay income taxes on what donors give them. In reality, many charities benefit from these tax breaks by giving back to society in various ways. This is how we can work on a 100% donation policy.

Donate To Bring Smile on Many Faces

A smile is a gift that sets everything straight. Today we are in such a financial state that we cannot even imagine how to help people suffering from their problems without us, just like giving them food because they don't have any food for themselves. We often donate money by thinking about ourselves after feeding them some other things, but what if those people could live their life with one daily meal or a full meal? We can make it possible if we donate money to get free food and recover their lost health by having a balanced diet. A good stomach creates a happy mind! It is not like helping somebody financially by donating a small amount. It's like meeting face-to-face with them with your warm hands!

Your Donations Go 100% Towards Helping People in Need! 2 million people are dying of hunger or waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant. Still, only about 5,000 donated organs are available each year.

This helps a lot because if you have to go through dialysis or transplant in the UK, we have made it possible by becoming a donor and helper. It's very easy to sign up as a donor or help seeker at our website. You will be contacted within a few weeks; you do not need to worry regarding your transparency or goodwill because We will provide justice to your giving.

We Work According To 100% Donation Policy.

Our organisation works minimally and is Collecting for people, not for profit because we are 100% voluntary based donation, which means that we do not take any penny for our services. Our services are 100 % free for anybody who need our services.

Our one-hundred percent donation philosophy ensures that every dollar you provide goes directly to helping those in need, not to fund administrative or overhead costs, which are paid either by direct donations or by Gift Aid.

This one-of-a-kind policy distinguishes us from most worldwide non-governmental organisations. It serves as the organisation's driving concept. Experienced, dedicated volunteers carry out our work overseen by trustees with professional, managerial, and charitable sector expertise. We don't outsource any of our activities to other organisations to avoid conflicts of interest. The charity takes full responsibility for providing help and completing projects with total openness and honesty.

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