Food Distribution in Coronavirus

Here at Feedo Needo, we, like many other food banks, have felt the full force of the Coronavirus pandemic and the challenged of lockdown restrictions in the UK. However, we have handled this challenge as a team and found a way to overcome this with a positive outlook. Many families, individual, and hostel organisations have suffered greatly due to the challenges of the pandemic but we are dedicated to making sure nobody is left behind by distributing food parcels even during the hardest of times through a food drive in Birmingham city centre which was open to all who needed it. We provided adequate food parcels to the old and young, to those who had previously never needed to visit a food bank before but as we saw, the struggles of the pandemic impacted everybody immensely. Feedo Needo was and will always be here to serve those who require our help in any way, small or large, as it is our mission to make sure our community grows with us.


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We are community development charity that offers food to needy. Our faith inspires us, compassion, and motivated by love.


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