Our Values

Feedo Needo is dedicated to supporting a community built on diversity, tolerance, cooperation, and mutual respect. We are passionate about what we do and the difference it makes to the lives of others especially regarding our food bank where we offer a sense of comfort and dignity to those who may visit our Arabica café, not only for the sole purpose of receiving hot food and drinks but to also share a glimpse of community spirit, warmth, compassion and social interaction with our friendly staff.


As a charity, we are able to accomplish our goal effectively through the help of our volunteers who contribute to our food bank weekly, and we are always welcoming of anybody who wishes to volunteer with us in any capacity.

Our Partner/supporter

Everyone has the right to life with dignity. Still, due to various reasons, most of the people in the world live below the poverty line, which leaves them and their families vulnerable to many ailments and diseases such as limited food supply, infectious diseases, etc., which are the primary cause of death in developing countries. We have partnered and received support from like-minded organisation who shares in our vision and mission to include; Ways for well-being, Hays recruitment, Coca-Cola, NatWest, Virgin Media, Care Food Bank,

100% Donation Policy

Our organisation works minimally and is Collecting for people, not for profit because we are 100% voluntary based donation, which means that we do not take any penny for our services. Our services are 100 % free for anybody who need our services.

Our one-hundred percent donation philosophy ensures that every dollar you provide goes directly to helping those in need, not to fund administrative or overhead costs, which are paid either by direct donations or by Gift Aid.

This one-of-a-kind policy distinguishes us from most worldwide non-governmental organisations. It serves as the organisation's driving concept. Experienced, dedicated volunteers carry out our work overseen by trustees with professional, managerial, and charitable sector expertise. We don't outsource any of our activities to other organisations to avoid conflicts of interest. The charity takes full responsibility for providing help and completing projects with total openness and honesty.

Future Goals

The board is ensuring that its impact is sustained over time by establishing clear objectives for the next Five years, which include collaborating with more like-minded partners, securing investor, charity events, fundraising, awards and recognition, donation support, while consistently achieving its mission and vision.

The main objective of Feedo Needo is to expand its reach and community projects further each year, helping an even wider vulnerable population in areas of non-devolution in the UK, where the need for its services is much greater.

Feedo Needo is also working to achieve a longer list of partnerships with likeminded community and business organisations through their networking events. This is a good opportunity to reach out to different community leaders and discuss ways to work together for the betterment of society.

In August 2021, Feedo Needo partnered with green entech pioneer, Octopus Energy, to raise essential funding. Octopus developed a unique QR code as part of its People Power programme, whereby new customers can sign up for green energy from Octopus. For every new customer that signed up, Octopus donated £50 to Feedo Needo and gave £50 credit to the new customer account.

Feedo Needo strives to obtain more projects like this to raise essential funds for its several projects and initiatives. The charity is looking to grow its project even further to support more vulnerable members of society in underprivileged areas and provide a lifeline and a safe place to anyone who needs their help.


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We are community development charity that offers food to needy. Our faith inspires us, compassion, and motivated by love.


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100% donations policy means every single penny donated is used strictly for charitable efforts.