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Arabica café is the heart of our charity, where we provide a warm space and feed around 5,000 monthlies across our 4 branches, whether it be, tea/coffee and sandwiches, or hot meals complete free, to be enjoyed while sitting inside our café.

We aim to have an impact on the larger community who benefits from our project through our guaranteed support of basic necessities such as food and toiletries, which we believe will serve the growing number of homeless communities. Our services do not only support the most disadvantaged groups of society of providing free food, but we are also helping with mental and emotional challenges faced by such individuals especially during these trying times, where there are shortage of help and support to the homeless community as cost of living keep soaring and many food banks can’t keep up

Our food banks have been busier than ever before and the main one being the sharp increase in the cost of living, especially with the price of food and utility bills continuing to soar. We see a variety of people come through our doors daily, not just those who are experiencing homelessness, but we are welcoming single mums, asylum seekers, those affected by the Ukraine & Syria crises, pensioners, rough sleepers, vulnerable people and even those who are employed use our services as the struggle to put food on the table for their family.

We do our best to make sure everyone is taken care of and since the 1st January 2023 we have had over 6,000 service users come through our doors in need of our help across all branches. While a lot of people come to us for essential food support – our Cafeteria Arabica Café offers a warm space’ services as most of our service users struggle to afford heating.

We are conscious that some of our users do not have a place to call home and we want Feedo Needo to feel like home. Our Cafeteria is a safe, warm space where our users come to socialise, read, enjoy hot drinks, stay warm and have something to eat.

The Feedo Needo project measure its success by the number of new centres we are able to establish, the number of people we support, the partnership that we get and the stores that support us. We provide daily spreadsheet to attendees of the foodbank – this serves as a guide to know the amount of food parcels and food we provide for on average. We also provide inventory lists to compare our supply and demand needs as our project continues to grow, along with the number of volunteers we attract – as this will provide evidence of our engagement within the larger community and help reach a wider audience who need our services.


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We are community development charity that offers food to needy. Our faith inspires us, compassion, and motivated by love.


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