Eradicate and End the Hunger

The crux of our mission is not only to serve the wider community but to empower all individuals by giving them the confidence and opportunity to use their skills for good, whether that is providing a safe environment where opportunities and resources can be shared with our patrons or giving our volunteers a glimpse into the lives of those less fortunate than themselves which allows a wider scope of empathy among them. Our faith inspires us to be an organisation built on compassion, and motivated by love.

Every day people in the UK go hungry for reasons ranging from redundancy to receiving an unexpected bill on a low income. A simple box of food makes a big difference, with foodbanks helping prevent crime, housing loss, family breakdown and mental health problems.

Feedo Needo’s mission is to help eradicate food poverty and provide care to those experiencing homelessness whilst having an overall positive impact on the local communities that it serves regardless of race, colour, gender or age, we are here to help everybody in need and end food poverty in the UK once and for all

Our strategy

The Feedo Needo strategy aims to help ten times as many homeless people as they do now, which equates to over 50,000 more people by 2030, and Feedo Needo is working hard to meet these targets.

Over the past three years, food banks have become more needed than ever – following the aftermath of the pandemic and then the soaring cost of everyday living. With more people than ever before turning to food banks,

The multi-faceted and personal approach from Feedo Needo to its users means that they can diversify their offerings to cater to what their communities need. Recently, this has been through wellbeing support, offering free haircuts, opening as a ‘keeping warm’ hub, laundry service, fresh juice, Feedo Needo’s staff also visit regular service users that haven’t been to the food bank in a while to check on their wellbeing and also give them food parcels, street food distribution, introduction of new meal options, pointing service users to housing service, helping with CV’s/ job applications services.

Feedo Needo team have close relationships with many of the service users, meaning that they are constantly learning and adapting to what their users need – ensuring that they are offering the best possible service. Working closely with service users ensure that the charity’s strategy and goals are aligned with what communities need.


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We are community development charity that offers food to needy. Our faith inspires us, compassion, and motivated by love.


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