Lockdown restrictions over the course of the year have also meant that establishments such ourselves, here at Feedo Needo, have had to follow strict guidelines from the support of the local council and government enforcement. Birmingham city council have provided Feedo Needo with covid marshals every Friday to be stationed at our weekly food bank to ensure the safety of all staff and visitors, as they are responsible for providing everybody who seeks a food parcel, with face masks and queue management outside of Arabica cafe.

During these challenging times, we understand that it is more difficult than ever to live a sufficiently as everybody would like, as a recent report found that there has been a sharp 61% increase in food parcels needed across the UK with six parcels given out every minute. Nationwide, we have seen half of the UK population rely on food banks who have never needed to use one before, as families with young children have been the hardest hit of all.

In order to support those in need in these most difficult of times, Feedo Needo are keeping the doors to our food bank open by operating on a collections service only, we are open every Friday across all of our food bank branches from 2pm until 5pm for people to receive much needed food parcels. In accordance with the UK Covid- 19 guidelines, we are following protocol by maintaining a 2-metre distance between our staff and with those who choose to collect food parcels at the doors of our distribution centres. We readily provide everybody collecting food bags and our volunteers with hand sanitizers, face masks, hand gloves, disinfectant and take regular temperature checks at our doors to ensure the safety of ourselves but also of everybody else coming into contact with our food bank so that we may operate in consideration of our wider health.


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