At Feedo Needo, we welcome the opportunity to work with all individuals and organizations who show an interest in partnering with our charity. Over the course of the pandemic, the University of Birmingham action against homelessness society have been instrumental in supporting us with the work we do by providing us with numerous volunteers and donations on a weekly basis. UOB Action against homelessness society was formed by its dedicated students who are passionate about educating others on the risks and statistics surrounding homelessness in the UK and helping to put an end to this dire issue.

Weekly support has meant that students from UoB visit our food bank to help with the packing and distribution of our food parcels every Friday, queue management, serving hot drinks and sandwiches, interacting with our patrons and contributing food and toiletry donations to the food bank. Furthermore, the society has also fundraised through a virtual charity shop where all of the proceeds from unwanted or unkept clothes on Depop are given to Feedo Needo, in order for us to provide our patrons with clothes and blankets etc.

If you would like to donate to the virtual charity shop while it is still live then kindly visit @uobactionagainsthomelessness on Instagram, alternatively, if you are a student and would like to join the society and help out at Feedo Needo you can also visit their Instagram or ours @feedoneedo.


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