National Thank You Day

Starting from just 13 individuals proposing a Thank You Day, the idea has now been supported by hundreds of organizations across the nation, ranging from scouts to the Royal Voluntary Service, NHS, The Mirror and The Sun, The Football Association and the Church of England. The aim is for as many people as possible to be involved however they would like, so everyone who deserves it gets a thank you- and the whole of the UK bands together.

Before normal life takes over again after the strict lockdown; we want to pause and say thank you to everyone who helped get us to this stage. From neighbors who kept the noise down or dropped off the shopping, mum and dad for putting up with us under the same roof, delivery drivers who kept us fed, doctors, nurses, and volunteers who obeyed the government rules, we could not have done it without each other! We celebrated national thank you day early here at Feedo Needo as we were eager to get started and express our appreciation to none other than our hard-working volunteers. Each and every one of our volunteers is passionate about the work we do and our collective mission to eradicate food poverty and homelessness in the UK. Today has been all about recognizing and rewarding their valiant efforts in educating, donating and distributing to our patrons from our Arabica cafe on a regular basis. We celebrated by organizing an appreciation event in our Feedo Needo venue where we invited our guest volunteer and awarded their hard work and dedication with our Feedo Needo certificates. Our esteemed members of Scholars School System, our partner charity, were also invited to the event as some of them even featured in our presentation video which was showcased on the day. The goal of the celebration was to make it about more than just one day, it was to display all the individuals and organizations we are thankful for, especially those who have helped make our lives easier during the pandemic and show our gratitude as an organization, on a day where the whole nation celebrated with the same notion in mind.


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